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Leya’s creativity spans a vast variety of creative fields from photography, film, design and more. In fact her interest in shapes began at a very early age as a child, but she began exploring her sculpting creativity in the second part of the year 2014 after discovering her creative desire on a trip in the historic cities of Italy. Soon she began creating and she had invented her own, completely unique and individual approach to sculpting, using unconventional materials that were accessible to her. Materials such as fiberglass, different types of epoxy resin, artificial clays, wood sourced from local lumber mills that are rare, different kinds of metal and real bronze and gold patina. With the precise and maticlouse use of these kinds of precious metals she creates a patina that gives a feeling that the sculptures are created from these metals themselves. The inspiration and themes that Leya draws upon for creating her sculptures are as wide as her creative desires and varey from the animalistic world, where she creates animal figures and mystical creatures. To human forms, where she draws inspiration from one of her passions which is dancing, as well as goddesses and other mythical beings that have always fascinated her. Whatever Leya sculpts there is always an abundance of passion and positiv, caring energy in her sculptures. Her works always exhibit a sense of floating seamlessly and give the filing of motion even though they are stationary. After the first sculptures were created Leya had a chance to show her work at her fist exhibition in Ljubljana and soon came another exhibition and another, shortly after she had shown her sculptures at many places in Slovenia and internationally. Her work made its way to galleries and museums, such as in Vienna, Trieste, Milan, Torino, Croatia and even South Korea. Her sculptures had made it into the hands of gallerists and collectors in such places as Slovenia, the US, Soudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, South Korea and many more. Whenever a sculpture finds their way to a collector or a gallery it gives Leya new drive and focus to keep creating even more and fuels her passion even further.

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  • Born Date: 1983

  • Slovenia

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Leya's sculptures cover a wide array of topics, but one of the prominent themes in her sculptures are animals and mythical creatures that manifest themselves through her creativity. The sculptures vary from real size horse heads to highly stylised shapes that resemble the silhouettes of the animals. Leya has depicted horses, bulls, parts of animals, like a horse’s leg and even cats.

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Leya’s first sculptures of human forms manifested from her love of dancing and so her early depictions of human forms are in dance poses. Later on she became fascinated with goddesses and mysterious beings, so a new collection of human forms were created. Some are highly stylised, while others are more conventional male and female shapes. What is inherently present in Leya’s human form sculptures is the presence of motion and lightness in the saphes, which seem to float seamlessly and display motion while being static. The sculptures are always full of passionate and caring energy.

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