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Lennart Erschler (*1958 in Munich, Germany) lives and works as an artist in Munich. His work mainly focuses on informal and abstract painting and photography. Lennart Erschler initially trained in graphic art and design in 1976, followed by employment as a stage painter in film and theatre. In 1994, Lennart Erschler decided to work as a freelance artist. Longer stays abroad in Asia, America, Australia, and New Zealand. 1998 Member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists BKK / Munich However, the first exhibitions took place as early as 1985, at that time still characterized by surrealism. Over time, Lennart Erschler increasingly developed his style in the art directions of "informal" and "abstract" painting. Nature, in particular the form of certain landscapes with all their facets and variety of colors, is his source of inspiration: "I only really found out what inspires me when I started to try out new things in my paintings. Using different, new materials, taking unknown paths, and, above all, considering new perspectives beyond old thought patterns are the coordinates of my work." In 2002, he took part in the "large art exhibition in Wasserburg" and numerous other exhibitions. From 2000 onwards, Lennart Erschler began his life's work. The entire collection of stelae comprises around 80 pieces.

  • Born Date: 1958

  • Germany

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