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The need to create has always been there, ever since I was a little girl. It is a primal one, not an academic one which is why I chose to for the most part skip the academia route aside from a couple of classes. It always felt as if the best classroom was in the studio, doing the work and following my intuition and then the words would come later. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. More often they don't since having had 4 concussions and a permanent Brain Injury Disability since 2004. With that said, I am drawn to color, shapes and movement in that order mostly but not all the time. I think it is important to give the color space to breathe in order to be understood and really seen and not crowded too much. I like to give it space to dance, to move, to let the viewer imagine what the painting could have looked like seconds before it was finished and if it was alive what could it have looked like moments after it was created. I feel that it is necessary to push myself, my boundaries as an artist and in staying true to my nature as a person and artist I evolve to let more complex structures into my life like my recent Disjointed Reality body of work and it's derivative Worn & Torn.

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  • Born Date: 1971

  • United States

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