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Born in 1966 in the south of France, "Kikayou" has always wanted to create, to mark a world in his own image, teeming with energy, full of ideas but devoid of any pretension. Creator of lights, light collectors, collages, the artist turns to his creative desires and puts his creations on canvas. Inspired by Basquiat's work, Warhol's Pop Art, Villeglé's collages, Dali's fury... the artist takes us into "his" pictorial world, between street-art and urban art. A joyful, impulsive art where at the heart of his Artworks, chaos inexorably carries us towards a future full of promise. What does the Artist want to tell us, if not that we should enjoy, live, try... He who wishes to discover a world gives us his Artworks, a clever mixture of performances, forces, life. The spectator wanders between oblivion and memory, dream and sleep, traces of life and... tries, work after work, to appropriate the artistic language of the Artist.

  • Born Date: 1966

  • France

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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