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Karin Döring is a German contemporary Artist. Since 2017 she has been working as a freelance Artist in the field of contemporary Art. Her first exhibition in 2018, where she presented large format portraits for the first time, was a success with all Artworks sold. Most of her Artworks are already in private collections. Since then, she has exhibited in Germany, Austria, France and the United States in group and solo exhibitions, as well as at Art fairs. In 2020, she will receive the 'Artist of the Future' award from Contemporary Art Magazine. Karin Döring's favourite motifs are people and their emotions, which inspire her expressive Artworks. Strong contrasts play an important role in her work. The Artist specialises in working with acrylic paint.

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  • Born Date: 1972

  • Germany

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Human beings are the Artist's preferred motifs. Full of empathy and love, she not only paints the portrait itself, but rather the entire person with their soul and thoughts on the canvas. There are no "prominent" faces in this series, but people who are completely unknown but no less interesting in the eyes of the Artist. Karin Döring paints her portraits - FACES - intuitively, her creativity is inspired by intuition and makes her do things differently from time to time. This means that the portraits are sometimes very figurative and almost photo-realistic, and then again in very bright colors and more abstract. The works in this series are painted with a brush or spatula and acrylic paints or oil on canvas. The contemporary artist is still working on works of Art in this series.

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