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Jimmy d'Arnaïz is a visual painter, who hides behind three initials F.D.C. for Daughters of Calvary (1987). Opened the Neutrino Gallery (Emerging Art) in 1992 in St Rémy de Provence and became a visual artist before becoming a painter. -1992 group exhibition Neutrino gallery "Les Copains d'abord" -1993 linear painting installation 82 meters title Construction of a film Profession Story-Boarder Vintage marble powder and epoxy resin. -1994 private exhibition at the Neutrino Palimpsestes Quantiques gallery -1996 private exhibition Manoir Violaine de la Pérouse Boulogne - 1995 private exhibition Moine copyiste Galerie de Flore belonging to Fernand Pouillon" - 1996 private neutrino gallery "a forest of baobabs in St Remy de Provence. After a break for professional reasons, he returns to St Rémy and has been painting MRIs since 2012. 2013 Pop Up installation of Andy Warhol's tomb in St Rémy de Provence. Lenice Victor d'Arnaiz

  • Born Date: Not known

  • France

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