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He was born in Oujda in Morocco in 1946. He lives in the countryside in Loiret where he has his workshop. In 1968 he followed an artistic course in a Parisian art school (higher school of modern arts) From the 80s he was seduced by a pictorial movement: the free figuration in which he recognizes himself. Creates his first works influenced by Pop Art, Rock Underground and comics. At the time, he participated in many shows for young creators such as Figuration Critique. He is very influenced by the painters of the Paris Montparnasse school: CHAGALL, KRÉMÈGNE, MODIGLIANI, SOUTINE, KISLING ...

  • Born Date: 1946

  • France

Artist Collections

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CHARIVARI is a collection that highlights the radiant power of the colours of the works in the service of a dreamlike, fanciful universe where we recognise, among others, the heroes of our comic strips; these heroes who make a spectacle of themselves in a colourful poetisation of their existence. There is a circus in this ballet of characters, a novel without words, a well-tempered humour. In this Charivari collection, there is a desire for luminous colours, a spirit of childhood at the service of joie de vivre, a carnival of animals and men, whether they are stars of the moment or anonymous, and with no other pretension than to become the models of a crazy universe of fireworks and tumult, unique in its kind.

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