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The school of trompe l'oeil taught me rigor and a certain technique. Over time, these techniques have imprisoned me by limiting the freedom of my desires and my creative choices. I managed to free myself in 2013 by radically changing my way of painting on canvas: acrylic, knife and abstract expressionism came to replace oil, brush, and hyper realism. Frustrated for so many years my creativity turned out to be very productive. Instead of delivering everything to the viewer, I now give him or her a support for daydreaming based on color harmonies, perspectives, verticals and horizontals that divide the space without ever obstructing it. I have recently introduced a new element in the composition of some of my paintings: sand. Mixed with glue and used sparingly, it brings particular touches in the effects as well as in the contrasts. The title of each painting is chosen meticulously, it is an important marker that is an integral part of the canvas. Sometimes it appears in the course of work, sometimes at the end, I never think about it before because it would inevitably upset the spontaneity that allows me to paint as I paint today.

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  • Born Date: 1956

  • France

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