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Jean-Claude Mège's writing is that of an easily recognisable talent. His signature can be spotted from the laying of the colours, the very characteristic cutting of the planes and a chromatic, luminous and cheerful vivacity. It is remarkable to note in this Artist, the ease and the regularity of his writing this following the example of his capacity to never repeat himself. His composition is always very well constructed and marked by a vigorous personality which, without question, asserts itself unceasingly. His creation is easily recognizable and yet always different in its subjects, each time innovative, at the height of the pleasure that the artist knows how to take in composing a pleasure of the heart as much as an aesthete's delight.contemporary painting, high in colour with a perfectly identified style, it is an intelligent, brilliant work of a surprising and original modernity.

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The colour, but also the cutting of his planes, his treatment of the light, he gives back to the landscapes he paints a dreamlike and warm side as a tribute to his subjects. Jean-Claude Mege renews the very notion of landscape painting by infusing it with a touch of modernity. The approach of the colours is so intense that it may seem unreal, but it should also be known that these oil paintings are also and above all in the image of the artist: full of good humour and sunshine.

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