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JC4004 French Contemporary Painter Self-taught, born in 1960. He developed his imagination with his grandfather Painter who just told him "Look". At the start of his artistic career, depending on his mood, he is "jicé" or "4004", two different styles for a single artist. He now signs under the nickname: JC4004. A prolific and generous artist, he puts himself at the service of his characters with heroic postures and intense gazes. Color is his kingdom. He paints the life of every moment. His graphic language, recognizable, is that of a mature and mischievous child, well anchored in his time. His rapid and sure line allows him to perform in public. His works are present in many private collections in France and abroad. JC Delannoy derives a certain creative freedom through the choice of his mediums, techniques and multiple tools that he uses. Acrylic paint, ink, felt, pencil, oil stick, pastel, spray, here is for the mediums, when to their use, let's say that we let him the secret! He likes to defy "academic laws", it is "his artistic freedom"! Being particularly sensitive to world events, he echoes them through his painting. Fan of pop, Anglo-Saxon rock and the French rock scene, his motto is : Music in my ears, I close my eyes and watch "One Our World"

  • Born Date: 1960

  • France

Artist Collections

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This collection gathers 50 medium and large format paintings representative of my artistic work during these last years. My painting looks like "spontaneous" to me. I create a narrative figuration full of poetry and humour. I like to defy the academic laws even if they are foreign to me because I am self-taught. I use all techniques, oil stick, chalk, spray, acrylic ... it's my freedom. I often favor large and very large formats but also the walls of cities in street art or collages. I like to say that I make music version painting but obviously Rock'n Roll. At the beginning of my artistic career, depending on my moods, I was either jicé or 4004, two different styles for one artist. I managed to combine the two, my blaze is now JC4004. It's my artistic signature. Most of these works are part of private collections in France in particular, but also abroad, in Europe, Asia, America.

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