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The French artist has worked in graphic design, television, advertising... and many countries on all continents before focusing fully on Art since 2016. In the series of paintings "TOTO" at the crossroads of graffiti, tag and painting, he claims to address the powerful of this world, those who are capable of making or breaking cultures, societies, those who are capable of doing good or evil. About Angela Merkel, whom he describes as a political UFO, he comments "one can only have admiration for such longevity, such know-how". Personalities as diverse as Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg, Jeff Bezos and the tennis player Naomi Osaka have also had their 'Toto head'.

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  • France

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In France, when we were learning to write, we used to have fun drawing "la tête à Toto". It consisted in writing the number 0 + 0 = Toto's head! It made us laugh. I don't know if today's French children continue this "tradition"? In any case, I've never seen it in other cultures. The fact remains that I am still a little boy who looks at the world today, at the people who govern it or who are influencers, with a lot of perplexity... In this series, I address these powerful people and I am "Toto's head". With a dunce's cap because I don't understand much, but I think like a child who sees life in black and white, with "you're my friend" or "I don't like you" in other words, without a filter. So it's a photograph of our time where I address them as a child, the child they were, by their first name. This is not disrespectful, on the contrary, it is speaking to their humanity because, after all, we are all human beings?

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