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Geneviève Nicolas’s journey began in 1983 with drawing at the Ecole des Arts plastiques et visuels, Uccle, Belgium After a short stay at the Greek painter’s studio, Aristoteles Solounias (Samos island, Greece), who introduced her to oil painting, she enroled in Camille De Taeye’s workshop, at the Académie Constantin Meunier, Etterbeek, Belgium. There she worked the nude. At the same place, she continued drawing under Thierry Goffart’s direction. In 2000, she joined Toma Roata’s workshop at the Ecole d’Arts d’Ixelles, Belgium, where she gave up figurative painting for a radically different approach, abstact, meditative. Her paintings are abstract explorations of memory and moments. Nicolas describes her process as intuitive and instinctive, a journey to unlock her unconscious and release the marks life has left on her feelings and experiences. She works with bold, gestural application of acrylics and a meticulous application of oil paint, and through her abstract approach, the artist finds the freedom to express herself without censorship or restraint, although there is an internal logic to her work that emerges over time. Her painting style also reflects her consciousness of the transient nature of things and the precarious bonds that hold people together, something that she has had a strong sense of since childhood. Yet, almost paradoxically, through her work Nicolas gives permanence to things that are transient — such as light, memory and dreams.

  • Born Date: 1947

  • Belgium

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