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François Noël is a French artist born in the south of France in 1985. Through his vibrant and colorful works, recognizable by their significant geometric shapes, François Noël, Painter and Visual Artist offers us beautiful perspectives to feed our mind. Urban architecture with a building scale, glass facades, advertising lights are the main sources of inspiration for this multi-faceted Artist. On canvas or Plexiglas, the Artist creates geometric and very colorful abstractions, applied with a palette knife. With an uncommon mastery of a double perception of his canvases, François Noël creates particularly singular works, which challenge our visual perception. Shadows, lights, colors and materials interact with each other. By playing with the mixture of these elements, the Artist creates visual illusions, with bright colors, which compete for the soul of his work. In spite of a very present abstraction, his pictorial works are very constructed in the manner of an Architect, offering a setting in harmony of the light and the color. In his paintings, the Artist offers the viewer a strong imaginative perspective. The process he uses is an open door to all emotions. They are an invitation to the imaginary journey, to the wandering of the mind, to curiosity. François Noël's works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions, New York, Miami, Paris, .....

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  • Born Date: 1985

  • France

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