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Fabienne DAGNET the passionate autodidact bearing the nickname "Petitpinceau". Adept of rock aesthetics, the Artist represents in his works, personalities, animals or fictional characters with a sure and dynamic line, to arouse in the spectator the formidable energy of his models. His canvases borrow both from the urban universe and from that of the tale like a vast mythology of rock'n roll. The work of details and anatomy contrasts with the spontaneous jets of paint and the abstract background for a perfectly balanced composition. In 2020, she won the favorite prize of the International Contemporary Art Competition at VILLA JOVOSA in Spain. She recently exhibited at Atelier NOLLET in PARIS in September 2021. One of her works was also exhibited at Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre on October 23 & 24, 2021.

  • Born Date: 1965

  • France

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This collection is representative of the artist's universe. But particular attention has been paid to the work of the gaze, the eyes. It is that the artist always works first to capture the viewer of his works.

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