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Erick Artik is a French Artist. This self-taught painter, born in Paris in 1963, paints as he breathes since his childhood. His art is part of his instincts, a natural and necessary impulse. He signed his first work, with his little pudgy fingers at the age of 4, causing the excitement of his elders. His creativity never stops astonishing his teachers. A gifted virtuoso of color and visuals, he perceives the world in terms of images. He paints, he draws, he creates clothes. At a very young age, he was caught up in a hectic professional life in fashion and design, without ever stopping painting. London, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Miami, rock, its angels and demons, everything is a good reason to paint. Inspired by Van Gog, Cézanne, Kandinsky, he pays tribute to his masters with respect and modernity. He combines the classics and pop culture. His collection of works is huge, but he keeps it secret, like a garden too personal to be revealed. Discretion is a must to protect his inspiration, always on the alert. He lifts the veil, for the first time, in 2013 during Art Basel Miami, he is the guest of one of the most prestigious galleries of the Design District of Miami, Marcowics Fine Art. The impact is strong, his "painting is impressive". He created a new version of "Street Art ". The emotions are palpable, the elegance is a must. He composes large, strong, expressive, contemporary paintings. Since then, his paintings have traveled throughout Europe and the United States and have reached the lead of his peers. Erick Artik invites us to discover a very large collection of works; a set of unusual images, his winks to the zeitgeist, his tribute to women dressed in beautiful traditional costumes. The painter and the designer work together to wrap the power of Street Art with style and elegance. His universe is huge, he saves us from limits and boredom. His characters remind us of who we are and warn us of what we will be with humor. Erick Artik creates a world of art that always carries a question, or a snag, an ik like the Artik.

  • Born Date: 1963

  • France

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