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Emma GODEBSKA lives and works in Nimes, south of France. Born in an artistic family, she studied Applied Arts in London, where she lived for many years. Her training and work experience in the Parisian luxury world of fashion led her to work on materials, textures and colours, and to build a reflection around time, body, and memory. For those few last years, she has been exploring a path where the quest for the essence of painting passes through a purified gesture and a minimal pictorial language. There is a need to centre on the Here and Now, to capture a light, a feeling, a moment. She works on a white surface, usually leaving the background pure, happily playing with the interaction of its texture with the paint. The colour is created slowly, by mixing paints, pigments, inks. Then she applies it, playing with the paint dilution, exploiting its transparency effects, or its pigment accumulations. She tries to emphasize the fluidity of the material, and look in the gesture for a balance between tension and slackening, concentration and spontaneity, in order to reach an equilibrium. The result is floating in a white space, like a calligraphic sign. The superimposition of its elements and the contrast between the density and the transparency gives a sculptural dimension to the composition. In their formal simplicity, these Art works are an invitation into a spiritual journey.

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  • Born Date: 1976

  • France

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