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Cloistered in an Asperger neuroatypia and headache attacks, Didier Fernand Langlois was born in 1950 on May 11 in Alsace, which France had just recovered. At the age of twenty, D. F Langlois' gluttony projects him towards painting, modeling, writing and composition. However, very quickly, he is recalled by the neuroatypical realities and whims inviting him to join one of his sisters in Paris. There, he will discover the light of museums and a workshop in which he will be able to learn about painting and sculpture. Then, Paris adopted him and the local artists' house, giving him the number L617474. Also enchanted by Morocco D. F Langlois has made many stays there since 1972. There as in Paris, he paints, sculpts and writes. In the city of lights, circles of collectors estimate the work of D F Langlois far from the crowds.

  • Born Date: 1949

  • France

Artist Collections

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The "Chinoiserie" collection presents paintings and sculptures made to illustrate one of my books. This work, like the others, has not yet been published, although publishers have offered to do so. The aforementioned work called Chinoiserie contains the first period of two separate stories with the following titles. Strangeness and Resilience, which describe the humility of some Chinese people, inspiring not only the title of this book but also that of the collection presented.

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