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Dek was born March 02nd in 1955, natural of Guapó, one of the smallest cities belonging to the metropolitan area of Goiânia - the capital of the state of Goiás - Brazil. Graduated in architecture and urbanism, at PUC ( Pontific Catholic University - goiás ) in 1979. He started his professional career as an Artist simultaneously. He began to draw at 05 years old and in 1980 he started his professional artistic trajectory through of regionals salons art shows ( award Gremi-80 ) and Brazilian salons art shows - São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro - Recife - Santos - Brasília / Tokio - Atami - Kioto, Japan / Amsterdam e Rotterdam, Nederlands / Paris, France / Lisbon - Braga - Porto, Portugal / trip award - Vasp - Goiânia / award Sanbra - Recife / award - contemporary salon art show - Santo André - SP. He finished this period with the Salon of Art in 1990, with the award named - Henrique Santillo - governator of state Goiás - special mention of the jury - and trip award to Paris, France - Biennial of Goiás. After that, he begins his international trajectory, mainly in Italy, the USA, etc. Dek has his Artworks in several countries. He works assiduously at his studio - Guapó and at that moment he organizes his art materials (including bookS, and ebooks). He faces art as priesthood, believing in his conscience content and therefore, expressing the feeling of an era.

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  • Born Date: 1955

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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