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Crixo Aponte is a Venezuelan sculptor and architect born in Caracas in 1973, where at an early age studied drawing, painting, photography and color. After achieving his degree in architecture, Crixo ventured to France, Italy and Spain where he practiced while dedicating himself to studying and experimenting with different forms of sculpture. Upon his return to Venezuela, he knew that it was his true passion. Using the human figure and its voluptuousness as the subject of his work, Crixo explores the limits of abstraction. The human body and the way the folds of the skin produce shapes fascinate him. He believes that sensuality is not related to gender and can be found in any object because it exists entirely within the viewer. His goal is to create monumental sculptures that can serve as urban icons, points of reference, and meeting places that interactively integrate sculptures into the context of the urban plot. Crixo creates unique pieces and experiences for public, private and corporate spaces, be it a sculpture on a monumental scale or a piece for a small and intimate space. Through his work, he creates places, captures imaginations, and fosters a moment of creative contemplation between viewer, environment, and sculpture.

  • Born Date: 1973

  • Venezuela

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