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Bridg' is a French Artist born in 1978. After an artistic training in different Art schools, he turns to painting to quickly assert a very particular style. A mysterious painter, he particularly likes monochrome creations. He likes to work essentially with the material, using generous touches of paint to play on the relief, luminosity and transparency of colours. Bridg' regularly exhibits in galleries in Paris, Miami and Montreal.

  • Born Date: 1978

  • France

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A minimalist acrylic knife work by BRIDG'. The background of the canvases is well worked in material, in order to bring a play of light on the painting. Bridg' plays on the transparency of the colour and the brilliance to create sober paintings in which the light is highlighted. So with the monochrome, we play with the textures, the density of the colour but also the light!

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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