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"To be is to change by exchanging with the other while remaining oneself." said Edouard Glissant. Born in 53 in Paris (Fr) in a family of Artists, I was trained off the beaten track. Travelling has made me a kind of migrant, particularly sensitive to the diversity of points of view. The experience of settling for twenty years in a working class neighbourhood in West Africa had such a highly beneficial influence on my life that I applied for and am proud to have obtained Burkinabe nationality. My work has found an international audience (USA, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, China). It explores, both in the studio and in public encounters in what I call Sociable Art projects, the unifying impact on our relationships of Recognition in all its aspects: exploration, identification, gratification, gratitude, recognition of self, of other and/or of common sense. After some fifteen years devoted primarily to the development of "Sociable Art" projects, I am once again showing my work in the studio. Painting, just like life, offers us to share an unlimited field of investigation combining ethics and aesthetics. This is a great opportunity.

  • Born Date: 1953

  • Death date: 2023

  • Burkina Faso

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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