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Born in Niort, France in 1970, Benoît has only been painting for 10 years. Self-taught, abstraction remains a better playground for his artistic expression. He approaches his creative process with a sense of urgency, producing, erasing, and then starting again often. On the other hand, he can produce minimalist canvases very quickly. It is the work of the material that guides him and defines the subjects of his paintings, and not the other way around. He works mainly with acrylic, and sometimes mixes other mediums such as ink and walnut stain. Most of the time he mixes his colours directly on the canvas. He paints on the ground. His compositions are both dark and colourful, full of matter or minimalist. He does not hide his influences; Soulages, Marfaing, Rothko, De Staël and many others... Young painter by production, his work evolves by the treatment of the matter which he transforms with various tools such as large knives of craftsman. The surface of the canvas is often treated differently. With scraping and crushing, the blacks and colours appear more or less intensely depending on the exposure light. Sometimes, here and there, projections complete a canvas. Often awarded in France, his work is beginning to be recognised internationally.

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  • Born Date: 1970

  • France

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