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Béatrice GRAAS

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Béatrice Graas is a Belgian artist who studied painting but also specialised in engraving. Her work is full of humour and poetry. Her work exudes enthusiasm, freedom and a certain spontaneity, but beyond that, if we analyse it carefully, she takes a thoughtful and calculated path. She describes without dramatisation and with humour a world in unstable balance with a keen sense of all that is happening around us. Her paintings are a battle of words and images, discrete collages and small phrases sprinkled on elaborate backgrounds. She uses dense colors, graffiti and integrations of large format photos that she reinterprets in her own way. She likes to tell stories, her work evokes small notebooks, things of life. A significant feature of her approach is the integration of phylacteries that evoke the thoughts of the characters or animals reproduced. Small sentences (often in English) have become her trademark, writings, remorse that she sometimes partially erases. If aestheticism and dreaminess prevail in all her work, a positive energy associated with harmony and the pleasure of living emerges. For this artist, nothing is more beautiful than a beauty that ignores itself and it is in the cracks and imperfections that beauty appears.

  • Born Date: 1962

  • Belgium

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