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Since starting his career 40 years ago, Andrey Yanev's works have become a part of private collections, galleries and museums on all continents. After graduating from the High School of Fine Arts and Design in Kazanlak (Bulgaria) and then from the Bulgarian National Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in artistic enamel at the Vera Mouhina Academy of Art in St. Petersburg (Russia) he has had over 75 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. The Artist has created numerous works of monumental stained glass windows, glass mosaics, murals and enamel panels in public buildings, chapels and private houses.

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  • Born Date: 1965

  • Bulgaria

Artist Collections

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This collection of paintings appeared more than thirty years ago. Over the years and time, she began to excite and captivate me more and more. My travels to holy places around the world, my meeting with the Angels determined to a great extent the clarity of my searches and their results, which I draw on the canvases. The series of paintings is made with the medium of oil paints or acrylic. With pencils, chalks or mixed media. Searched by me and achieved result is the impact of the images and compositions that came in dreams, visions or appeared before me in silence. These subjects constantly require dedication and concentration to achieve the sought after and desired result. Through the paintings, I want to invite the viewers to a journey and transport beyond everyday life, “Beyond silence”, where everything is love and light. I wish this journey will continue and let's travel together.

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A collection of watercolor works - the wet-in-wet watercolor technique. I have called it "Opportunities to immerse yourself in the landscape and spiritual themes of the image" The unattainable horizon and the touch of the sky and the water tempt me incessantly and for many years to paint this beauty. The most impactful and exciting challenge for me is to paint it with the watercolor technique wet in wet or the so-called "alaprima" technique/painted at once/, in one breath". With "water" to paint "water", to "tame" the wet paper and lay down the colors with a sweep and seal the power of the water or if the subject of the picture is spiritual to convey with a few strokes of the brushes strength and power. The large format is an additional joy and opportunity for expression, which I like very much. I have been painting in this technique for over 30 years and every time I am excited to travel through it as I paint in a meditative state, through time and space. I hope the viewers of my watercolors experience the same pleasure in their journey through time and space where we will someday meet.

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