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Collecting the treasures of the sea to transmit its messages: After 15 years of communication for major brands, Aliette resumed her studies of Art in 2011. She obtained a degree in Plastic Arts, a degree in History of Art, a degree in Fine Arts (E. SA) and a specialization in Art Therapy (AFRATAPEM). In 2004, the tsunami in Indonesia upset her and triggered in her a deep feeling of climate change. The following year, she produced a work with sea knives glued in a mosaic in a linear fashion, and ordered like a genetic code. This work provokes a click in his artistic approach and therefore imposes his very personal signature. She showed her work in 2012 with a Land Art installation at the Plein Air Museum of Villeneuve d'Ascq. This event launched his professional career. On this occasion, she meets Hervé Maupin, Artist and art lover who discovers her work and convinces her to present her knife paintings at the Espace Culturel de Bondues near Tourcoing in 2013. This will be her first personal exhibition. In 2016, she was selected for the international Mosaïque de Chartres prize. Visual artist. Aliette lives and works in Wambrechies where she now introduces adults and children to the fundamentals of the visual arts. She opened her gallery OYAT (Open Your Art) in Hardelot in 2017. Her paintings, sculptures and shell installations are presented in Hardelot, Knokke le Zoute in Belgium. His personal and collective exhibitions are hosted in France, Belgium, Germany and U.S.A. A career of almost 10 years in fairs and art centers as well as Artist and Curator of exhibitions mixing all the Arts.

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  • Born Date: 1970

  • France

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" Free man, always you will cherish the sea ! wrote Baudelaire. Seas and oceans remain objects of fascination, places of long-term distant adventures punctuated by welcoming islands and populated by multicolored creatures: whales, dolphins, fish and shells... A mysterious world that escapes the grip of man and attracts him. Who knows what lies beneath the surface? Marvelous cities, fruits of an unsuspected civilization where live mermaids and descendants of the people of ancient Atlantis? And where does it come from that sailors and adventurers of all stripes keep embarking on these liquid immensities? For freedom, as the poet says, or something else? At the bottom of the ocean, there is this light, these different blues, this calm and this indescribable serenity. A whole universe opens up to us and unfolds over time. After the storm, a burst of light pierces the clouds and illuminates the ocean.

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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