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Rosa Alfaro Carozzi is from Lima, Peru / New York. She worked in New York most of her adult life. During an interview with Design & Fashion, she told us “I'm very interested in psychology. To create a painting, I look at the scene from an analytical and psychological point of view. I see many stories within a story and invite the viewer to engage and create their own story. My figurative paintings depict life in New York. I create narrative paintings that include people of different ethnic backgrounds working together, sharing a talent, modeling, dancing, or just attending a business meeting. “Rosa has her own style and she keeps it authentic through all her paintings. She studied painting at Columbia University and later in the Arts Student League. His work is greatly influenced by his previous training in cinematography. She has been painting for 24 years and has had many styles over the years, but returned to the style of the first painting she created "La Casa de mi Tio" while studying at Columbia University. Rosa, known as Rosie, has been very successful. His work has been in a private collection at Salans, an international society in New York. One of the partners, collected his work. "I had the honor of seeing my painting in his beautiful office at 620 Fifth Avenue," she told us. “I have sold many paintings and my work is also in the private collection of Mrs. Iiams in Connecticut, the private collection of a television producer in the Hamptons, and other homes. "

  • Born Date: 1958

  • Peru

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