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Of Bulgarian origin, ALBENA came to settle in Normandy, France, 25 years ago. An architect by training and speaking several languages, she immediately imposed herself in the artistic world with her unexpected style and the quality of her pictorial work. Self-taught, she demonstrates an extraordinary sensitivity, born of her love for poetry, by creating a fruitful, original work of rare elegance. ALBENA is located at the crossroads of various cultural influences: Greece, Egypt, India, Africa, Japan..., regions of the world where the story passes abundantly through the image. Without forgetting the impact that Art Nouveau had on her. What distinguishes ALBENA's incredible painting is the oriental magic of his fabulous compositions, which communicate fascinating effects, served by an indisputable technical mastery and a fiery outpouring of vivid colors. In this disturbing gallery of figures, the feminine element explodes in the elegant forms of refined eroticism.

  • Born Date: 1967

  • Bulgaria

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