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From another world or from our own? Where Alain Bulle comes from, the question persists even after studying his work in detail. Are his paintings psychograms or spiritual imprints from the Akashic annals? Indeed, angels are also an integral part of the dreamlike and pictorial universe of the light, sensitive and profound Artist. Light, he is in his aerial curves that take us to an unsuspected celestial environment, clouds that he brings to earth with the help of his virtuoso brush and a laborious technique mastered to perfection. Sensitive in his preoccupations, Alain Bulle elaborates touching and emotionally charged universes, where women, flowers and arabesques take pride of place, where they contribute to make us dance on private and so sweet music. Deep by the intimacy he generates in each of his paintings, in the direct and so personal apostrophe he addresses to us in each painting. He comes wise and delicate into our imagination and gently lays down new bricks to continue to dream within ourselves, with him, with the cosmos. Poets, writers and other Artists are de facto integrated in a work to be read from many points of view. The Artist himself proposes a reading of it in a small book recently published; because there are many words that one can put on a painting, and being the author, it seems appropriate that he exposes us, among others, his own. Exhibited and acclaimed since 1988, Alain Bulle has not finished nourishing our dreams, since as time goes by his wisdom and dexterity grow and give us to see canvases unceasingly new and unceasingly innovative, passionate and subtle. But is it not all pure invention or representation of the mind?

  • Born Date: 1964

  • France

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