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Aima Saint Hunon is a French sculptress, painter, performer, poet, and mixed media Artist born in Paris, France. She studied at the Applied Arts School of Oliver de Serres, Paris, and later served as an apprentice for the international Artist Gerard Valtier. Always searching for greater emotive expression through her work, St Hunon seeks to establish a direct relationship between the sensuality of the world in which she evolves and that of her own body. Her performances during private viewings give energy and inform the exhibition by questioning the space between “subject“ and “object.” From 2000 to 2009, St Hunon exhibited in numerous Art spaces in Paris, including the Grand Palais and UNESCO. She had her first show in New York in 2007 with Reference Gallery named “The French Connection” In 2013, the Shanghai, China-based Philippe Staib Gallery awarded St Hunon a sponsorship. St Hunon created twenty-five bronzes with the American master bronzier, Paul Cavanagh. In 2014, St. Hunon took part in a two-month residency and subsequent show at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. She was invited for a four-month residency in Taiwan, followed by a group show at the Furniture Eco Museum. In 2019, St Hunon was invited by Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art, China to serve as the keynote speaker at Columbia University, NY. This came on the heels of writer Tope Idowu’s documentary about St Hunon’s experience as an Artist in NY, covering the period between 2016 and 2022. The Artist was recently accepted in the non-profit Fractured Atlas Fiscal Sponsorship Program. Southampton Art center commissioned her to create an art installation performance where dancers, and musicians, were surrounded by a sculptural world. She was acclaimed by Maxdi Gallery for a solo show in a prestigious gallery in West Broadway, Soho, NY.

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  • Born Date: 1980

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