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ROSA MANO is desire, passion, joy, and beauty, it is sexual intercourse, it is the flower of Venus, the blood of Adonis and of Christ, it is the metamorphosis of colors, the harmony of water and fire, it is the union of opposites it is a symbol of the impossible. From this passion where the snake of knowledge joins in abstraction with the rose, the feminine, with her gaze, testifies to the birth of a butterfly waiting to be captured, transformed, and shaped in the moment of its existence. The hand, the force of this birth, in its sprouts a magical circle, which the astral serpent has conceived, and where in it appears a child who is learning to walk, playing with his games. While around him, his innocent soul is reflected in the world, with the instinctive innocence of learning to know each other, within his dream which is the first experience of his existence. To dream, the child needs to sleep, he is the sleeper who foreshadows his death, in the name of the salvation of mankind. In this physical and spiritual act, the child is alone on the nakedness of the earth, it evokes the image of the future, of an abandonment to which he is destined. In reality, our symbol is the dream of this child, who in tradition is Christ, who must learn to be one before becoming a man. The circle in which the child plays is the construction of a sacred geometry, which contains the mystery of the perfect conception, of cosmic alchemy. Inside there is no beginning or end, it is implosion and explosion, light and not light. Eternal becoming of the cosmos and microcosm, the origin of the spiral staircase, which leads to the passage towards spiritual planes, to contact with diversity, which is a harmonic melody. Whose notes chase each other intertwining, creating the metaphysical space of life and death that appears in a deep red in a scenography space.

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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