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Born in 1953 in Treichville, Ivory Coast, Siriki KY (SKY) studied at the Abidjan School of Fine Arts and then at the Pietrsanta Academy of Arts in Tuscany, Italy, before moving to Burkina Faso. Convinced that the artistic act is a participatory one, he works in bronze, wood, stone and metal. Anxious to perpetuate ancestral techniques, he creates his works outdoors, fires the moulds over a wood fire and melts the bronze in a traditional forge. There is always a pronounced emblematic side to SKY's Artwork that refers to his African origins by conveying the traces of an age-old culture from which so many Western artists have often drawn excessively. His transformations are expressive, his art is sometimes expressed in a rather barbaric way, he erases the anecdote or dilutes it in the heart of the buried roots of his mythology, which is at the same time that of the history of his people, whose essence he succeeds in bringing to life. He is the creator of the International Symposium of Sculpture on granite of Laongo, initiator and curator of the symposiums of sculpture of BEN AMIRA in Mauritania and Afrikabidon in Ardèche in France, Siriki KY exposed in several museums and galleries throughout the world and took part in symposiums in Canada in France in Asia in Africa. He lives and works in Ouagadougou.

  • Born Date: Not known

  • Burkina Faso

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